Who we are


Tim Phillips, managing director
Barnaby Page, editorial director
Erik Galavis, business development director
Pablo Cano Trilla, director of legal analysis
Eva Antal, director of market analysis

Regulatory analysis

Marija Obradovic, head legal analyst
Berta Camps Bisbal, senior legal analyst
Lenka Hajnovicova, senior legal analyst
Elsa Carrasco, junior legal analyst
Angela Jarosz, junior legal analyst
Tao Hong, assistant legal analyst
Dmytro Korchahin, assistant legal analyst
Lorenzo Guaragna, assistant legal analyst
HQ Wang, contributing legal analyst, China
Josh Van De Riet, contributing legal analyst

Market analysis

Nate Erskine, head market analyst
Stavroula Anastasopoulou, senior market analyst
Veronika Sianko, senior market analyst
Migle Malinovskyte, market analyst
Maria Alejandra Estanga, market analyst
Carlo Infurna Wangüemert, market analyst
Hector Rodriguez Tubau, market analyst


Freddie Dawson, head of content
Aidan Semmens, chief sub-editor
Jon Bruford, copy editor
Lucy Lynch, copy editor
Kahn Johnson, copy editor
Lorraine Mullaney, copy editor
Lydia Thompson, data production editor
Carl Gamble, graphic designer


Jarosław Adamowski, eastern and central Europe correspondent
Marc Beishon, health correspondent
Jennifer Freedman, Switzerland correspondent
Nathalie Gentaz, France correspondent
Swati Gupta, India correspondent
Peter Henn, UK correspondent
Danny Lim, southeast Asia correspondent
Andrew Mambondiyani, Africa correspondent
Michael McGrady, US correspondent
Emiliano Mellino, Latin America correspondent
Tom Mentink, Netherlands correspondent
Vasudevan Sridharan, India correspondent
Michael Standaert, China correspondent
Susan Tam, southeast Asia correspondent

Sales & marketing

Mario Valdez, business development manager
Judit Bach, marketing and customer relations manager
Bárbara Dominguez, marketing and customer relations assistant

Business operations

Sarah Tilley, accounts manager
Catherine Chidgey, office manager