US Farm Bill could yet bring big changes and growth to CBD market

Language in the senate version of the 2018 US Farm Bill could lead to sweeping changes in the CBD sector – and significant bipartisan support does appear to exist to pass it through in the future, according to industry stakeholders.
Changes proposed in the senate version of the bill, an omnibus, multi-year law that governs an array of agricultural and food programmes, would legalise the farming of low-THC cannabis strains at the federal level. This would potentially commoditise CBD – driving down the price, while also opening up market opportunities to growers and producers.
Farmers of strains of cannabis low in THC as well as strains used for industrial purposes such as fibre and seed production would be able to grow crops and produce CBD legally under federal law in states that have implemented their own agricultural legislation, while opening up the market to those in other states.


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