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CBD-Intel offers an integrated data platform with a variety of content formats to help optimise your business. Our market and regulatory information covers specific business needs through different modules.

Get everything you need in one place.

Business and regulatory briefings

Our business and regulatory briefings offer key analysis of professionally-relevant news affecting the market and regulatory landscape, and keep you up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

Keeping on top of market trends and evolution means you will never miss important changes and future challenges in this emerging sector which may affect your business. “What This Means” report summaries offer CBD-Intel’s expert take on events and analysis.

Market reports

Retain your competitive edge and understand the factors that impact your business with CBD-Intel’s in-depth market analysis reports. You can gain deep knowledge on how the market landscape operates and evolves which will help you tailor business strategy and make smart decisions.

Our market reports include market dynamics, consumption patterns, brand profiles, product offering, price tracking and much more.

Regulatory reports

CBD-Intel provides in-depth analysis of both the global regulatory landscape and individual markets. This includes comprehensive coverage of the regulations relating to categories such as hemp plant growing, extraction and processing, finished product manufacturing, import and export requirements, CBD-containing product restrictions including food, vape and topicals plus the impact of medical and recreational cannabis policy on the CBD sector.

Top brands pricing dashboard

The top brands pricing dashboard offers you insights into the most pertinent CBD brands in each country analysed. The interactive tracker enables you to investigate market strategies and trends. Find all product offerings for each brand, categorised by type of product, size, format, CBD content and their respective prices.

Online retailer dashboard

This tracker enables you to investigate the prevalence of brands and product types across the online retailer space in each country analysed. You can even investigate at the individual brand level to see their prevalence across the online space.

You can find how many online retailers are, split by retailer category type, plus the brands and product types that each website stocks.

This easy-to-use dashboard allows you to slice the data according to the filters on the right of each graph.

Market size database

CBD-Intel’s quarterly market size database is your one-stop source for essential CBD market information. Data includes market size estimates for each of the main CBD product categories and distribution channels. All information can be filtered by country and region.

The database currently covers over 10 of the world major markets, making up more than 80% of the worlds CBD market by value, and will be further expanded and developed over time.

Alerts roundup

Weekly regulatory and market alerts e-mails sent directly to your inbox. In addition, we offer a monthly consolidated alert tracker, allowing search and filtering of key issues by market, subject area, and date.

Regulatory trackers

Our regulatory trackers are the perfect time-saving, effortless tools to solve any challenge you face when monitoring and managing regulatory changes.

With our interactive maps, gain detailed insight into proposed bills for 49 US states (excluding Hawaii), plus more than 35 EU and international countries worldwide, covering the hemp plant, extracts general, foodstuffs, cosmetics, and vaping categories.

In addition, other trackers we produce are:

  • Implementation of the 2018 US Farm Bill, state by state.
  • Global CBD stakeholders database, where you can find the most relevant organisations in key markets, with full website, email, phone and address details.