Regulation and Legislation

Regulatory report: Denmark

13th April 2021 - Regulatory reports |

Cultivation of hemp with less than 0.2% THC is legal in Denmark. This report provides an overview of the country’s regulatory framework for CBD, hemp and cannabis

Regulatory report: France

8th April 2021 - Regulatory reports |

The future regulation, and interpretation of existing rules, of cannabis in all its forms is a recurring subject in France. This report provides an overview of the current regulatory framework

Now that the deadline for applications has passed, when should enforcement action from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) be expected?

1st April 2021 - Blog |

The FSA told CBD-Intel during a recent conference that – unsurprisingly – no actions would be taken until after the list of validated/administratively checked pending validation applications had been published. Thus far no date for the publication of the list has been put forward, but the speculation is that it will now more than likely be […]

Regulatory tracker: current global regulation of CBD March

26th March 2021 - Regulatory trackers |

CBD-Intel’s newly upgraded global regulatory tracker, updated every month, now offers a deeper analysis of each regulatory area.

Use the tabs at the top of the map to select a specific regulatory field and click on an individual country to bring up much more detail in the panel below, including links to legislation and CBD-Intel’s coverage of that market.

The key below the map indicates the level of regulation for the selected country and regulatory field based on our in-house analysis.

Regulatory report: Poland

19th March 2021 - Regulatory reports |

This report offers an overview of the current regulations in place for CBD and cannabis in Poland, including all aspects from cultivation and processing, to finished products, medical and recreational cannabis

US regulatory tracker: Proposed state law March

15th March 2021 - Regulatory trackers |

Welcome to the new and improved CBD-Intel US state law regulatory tracker, updated every month and exclusively focused on state law. This interactive map allows you to search for states, zoom in and out from the map, view more than one regulatory area at a time, pan the map and select multiple states to compare regulations.

CBD-Intel global alerts database March

2nd March 2021 - Alerts roundup |

All the stories from the CBD-Intel weekly global regulatory Live Alerts in one user-friendly database, updated every month.

This regulatory tool consolidates all of our global regulatory Live Alerts since they were launched in May 2019, collected in Excel database format, allowing you to filter information by date and country.

Have the rules changed for importation of CBD into the UK?

18th February 2021 - Blog |

The Home Office has not changed licensing requirements for importers of CBD into the UK. The minister for policing, Christopher “Kit” Malthouse, has requested an updated recommendation from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) on acceptable THC levels in CBD consumer products. The ACMD has not yet responded and the previous limit of […]

Regulatory report: Netherlands

15th February 2021 - Regulatory reports |

The broad legal framework for hemp, CBD and medical cannabis in the Netherlands will remain unchanged for now due to upcoming parliamentary elections. This report covers the current rules for cannabis and CBD

Will the EFSA look to modify its approach in light of action on novel food in the UK?

12th February 2021 - Blog |

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has stated that it is in contact with other similar agencies such as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK, but only specified that it would not treat applications that had been approved in other jurisdictions any differently during its own assessment process. But beyond that, it has not stated […]