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US regulatory tracker: Proposed state law September

30th September 2021 - Regulatory trackers |

Welcome to the new and improved CBD-Intel US state law regulatory tracker, updated every month and exclusively focused on state law. This interactive map allows you to search for states, zoom in and out from the map, view more than one regulatory area at a time, pan the map and select multiple states to compare regulations.

Regulatory tracker: current global regulation of CBD September

21st September 2021 - Regulatory trackers |

CBD-Intel’s newly upgraded global regulatory tracker, updated every month, now offers a deeper analysis of each regulatory area.

Use the tabs at the top of the map to select a specific regulatory field and click on an individual country to bring up much more detail in the panel below, including links to legislation and CBD-Intel’s coverage of that market.

The key below the map indicates the level of regulation for the selected country and regulatory field based on our in-house analysis.

CBD-Intel global alerts database September

6th September 2021 - Regulatory alerts roundup |

All the stories from the CBD-Intel weekly global regulatory Live Alerts in one user-friendly database, updated every month.

This regulatory tool consolidates all of our global regulatory Live Alerts since they were launched in May 2019, collected in Excel database format, allowing you to filter information by date and country.

Global CBD stakeholders database

14th May 2021 - Regulatory trackers |

Use our newly updated directory of stakeholders in the global CBD sector to find the most relevant organisations in key markets, with full web, email, phone and address details. Available exclusively to CBD-Intel subscribers, this once-yearly updated database is a consolidated, user-friendly Excel file. Note that this file is password protected; please enter the password: […]

Could CBD/hemp vaping equipment be exempt from the incoming rule prohibiting the mailing of e-cigarette and vaporiser-related products through the US Postal Service (USPS)?

7th May 2021 - Blog |

Recent consultation guidance does suggest that the USPS is considering broadly exempting hemp and CBD services from the incoming rule. The guidance states: “For hemp-based products containing CBD with a THC concentration not exceeding 0.3 percent, mailers must retain, and prepare to make available upon request, records establishing compliance with all applicable federal, state, and […]

What is the state of science behind minor cannabinoids really like?

29th April 2021 - Blog |

Minor cannabinoids are gaining increasing interest – pushed by both slowly growing consumer awareness and companies looking to develop further revenue streams from under-utilised products. A number of claims have been made about the properties of various minor cannabinoids – some skirting dangerously close to the line of what is currently permitted and some going […]

Is delta-8 THC really the next big thing?

14th April 2021 - Blog |

From a consumer/market perspective, it certainly looks like delta-8 THC is the most promising minor cannabinoid. It has quickly overtaken others such as CBG and CBN in terms of general awareness and – anecdotally – in terms of interest from companies and consumers alike. The appeal appears to be that it acts as a “lighter” version of delta-9 […]

What impact will the EC’s decision to permit the use of extracts from the whole plant in cosmetics have on the industry as a whole?

28th January 2021 - Blog |

The decision – which should be noted is still only preliminary, though almost certainly to be confirmed with subsequent updating of the cosmetics ingredients (CosIng) database – should allow a wider range of cosmetic products onto the market. Exactly how much of an impact the change – when it eventually is confirmed – will make […]

Does the Canopy CO2 extraction lawsuit pose a threat to others in the industry?

15th January 2021 - Blog |

Canopy Growth’s quick action – filing a suit against GW Pharmaceuticals the day the patent was issued – coupled with the short time-frame for validity has left many worried that the company could go on an enforcement hunt and target any company using a CO2 method that it believes infringes on its intellectual property (IP). […]

What impact do Democrat victories in both of the Georgia senate seat elections have on chances for cannabis reform at the US federal level?

8th January 2021 - Blog |

President elect Joe Biden still looks to be somewhat reluctant to too closely embrace cannabis reform as an issue. But effective control of the senate through victories by Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in special run-off elections in the state of Georgia give Democrats 48 seats with two independents that generally vote democratic (and would […]