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In early 2021 the European Commission (EC) made a preliminary decision that extracts from any part of the cannabis plant can be used in cosmetic products, which was big news for the CBD industry. This development should open up the cosmetics market to further innovation because it takes away the requirement that any CBD used must be from synthetic sources in order to avoid legal grey areas in the EU.

If the conclusion is confirmed later in 2021 and the CosIng database is subsequently modified, there could be a flurry of activity in this area as companies with plant extract supply lines look to see what they can do in the growing topicals and cosmetics field. Our news stories will keep you informed of developments in this area.

This preliminary conclusion was agreed internally following discussion and progress on the matter is ongoing. Further information and guidance may be provided in the future with potential changes to CosIng – the European database of cosmetic ingredients – only taking place when the discussions are concluded and a concrete decision has been taken, the Commission added.

Watch this space for our regulatory briefings on developments in the EU and elsewhere in the world that impact the CBD cosmetics industry.