Is delta-8 THC really the next big thing?

14th April 2021 - Blog |

From a consumer/market perspective, it certainly looks like delta-8 THC is the most promising minor cannabinoid. It has quickly overtaken others such as CBG and CBN in terms of general awareness and – anecdotally – in terms of interest from companies and consumers alike. The appeal appears to be that it acts as a “lighter” version of delta-9 […]

Now that the deadline for applications has passed, when should enforcement action from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) be expected?

1st April 2021 - Blog |

The FSA told CBD-Intel during a recent conference that – unsurprisingly – no actions would be taken until after the list of validated/administratively checked pending validation applications had been published. Thus far no date for the publication of the list has been put forward, but the speculation is that it will now more than likely be […]

Have the rules changed for importation of CBD into the UK?

18th February 2021 - Blog |

The Home Office has not changed licensing requirements for importers of CBD into the UK. The minister for policing, Christopher “Kit” Malthouse, has requested an updated recommendation from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) on acceptable THC levels in CBD consumer products. The ACMD has not yet responded and the previous limit of […]

Will the EFSA look to modify its approach in light of action on novel food in the UK?

12th February 2021 - Blog |

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has stated that it is in contact with other similar agencies such as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK, but only specified that it would not treat applications that had been approved in other jurisdictions any differently during its own assessment process. But beyond that, it has not stated […]

What impact will the EC’s decision to permit the use of extracts from the whole plant in cosmetics have on the industry as a whole?

28th January 2021 - Blog |

The decision – which should be noted is still only preliminary, though almost certainly to be confirmed with subsequent updating of the cosmetics ingredients (CosIng) database – should allow a wider range of cosmetic products onto the market. Exactly how much of an impact the change – when it eventually is confirmed – will make […]

Do CBD firms expect much of a January uptick in sales?

18th December 2020 - Blog |

It seems many of the firms CBD-Intel has talked to see a similar story for January sales, focused on resolutions or upticks in health and wellness – as was predicted for the holidays sales period stretching from Black Friday at the end of November into the gift-giving Christmas and other holidays period through December. Overall, […]