Shades of grey in THC traces and vapour: Italy regulatory snapshot

Cannabis can be grown and transformed in Italy for medical purposes under an authorisation regime or as industrial hemp.

The THC content of plants must not be more than 0.2%, however no responsibility is charged to farmers if the crop results in traces of up to 0.6%.

There is no legal restriction for the import, export and extraction of pure CBD isolates as it is not a controlled substance under Italian narcotics law.

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture considers the THC limit for commercial products to be 0.2%, however for hemp-derived food products it must be 0%.

The Ministry of Health interprets that CBD may not be currently placed on the market as a food supplement or food product/ingredient.

Following a Customs and Monopoly Agency circular, CBD-containing vapour products (with or without nicotine) are in a grey area until the Ministry of Health clarifies its position.


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