Rise in CBD linked to increase in vapouriser market

Crossover between vapourisers and e-cigarettes has been found to be quite low and companies dedicated to both vapourisers and e-cigarettes are rare.

According to a new report the vapouriser market has increased in size in the US due to the increase in the legal cannabis market and the rise in popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Solid materials such as dry herb or concentrates require a different heating method to that of e-liquids, while company specialisation — based on product quality and price — sees some companies dedicate themselves to a particular sector.

Most companies have a short selection of models with Pax, Davinci and Firefly, for example, only launching one or two devices and then simply updating that device (Pax 3 replacing Pax 2, for example).

The report says such products are aimed at the educated cannabis smoker with considerable purchase power, and most marketing appears to be based on product technology and cannabis-related lifestyle.

– CBD-Intel staff

Vapourisers and e-cigs now crossing over: US market report

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