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30th September 2022 - North America, United States |
US: The “Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act”, which has bipartisan support, will not be allowed to go through and expedite parliamentary process (known as "hotlining") after a Republican senator – John Cornyn (R-TX) – objected to it. Since this senator supported similar initiatives in the past, reports suggest this opposition is not linked to cannabis policy or this particular bill, but that it is a strategy that will apply to any bipartisan bill in protest of the lack of Senate-led initiatives.
30th September 2022 - Paraguay, South America |
Paraguay: Last week, the National Health Surveillance Directorate (Dinavisa) issued Resolution 309/2022, which substitutes Ministry of Health Resolution 433/2019 to update the conditions, requirements and procedure for obtaining a licence to produce medicinal cannabis. The new resolution does not introduce significant changes, with the exception of the period to apply for a licence. The new application period is the first five working days of each month, instead of a specified period of time which, for example, was from 28th March to 26th April in 2022.
29th September 2022 - Europe, Iceland |

Iceland: A bill to decriminalise possession of narcotics, including cannabis, in quantities suitable for purely personal use, has been submitted to parliament, the Althingi. If the bill is passed, it will be up to the Ministry of Health to determine what those suitable quantities are.

29th September 2022 - Central America, Panama |

Panama: The National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) has published the results of a survey conducted in over 16,000 homes, which found only 7% approved of the recreational use of cannabis, with 88% opposed. Cannabis is currently allowed in Panama for medical purposes only.

28th September 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Hemp Today said today that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) had rejected a Freedom of Information request concerning companies whose products are under CBD safety assessment on the grounds that providing answers would increase the workload on its staff.

28th September 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: The Greens party intends to introduce a bill to legalise recreational cannabis, press reports. The party is currently drafting the bill, which it expects to introduce before the end of the year. Though the Greens have just four seats in the 151-seat House of Representatives and 12 in the 76-seat Senate, the bill is expected to have the support of other parties.

27th September 2022 - Europe, Italy |

Italy: A hard-line stance against cannabis can be expected in Italy after the far-right Brothers of Italy party (Fratelli d’Italia) took first place in Sunday’s election with over 26% of the vote. The party, led by populist Giorgia Meloni, is likely to form a coalition with other right-wing parties, Forza Italia and the League whose leader, Matteo Salvini, rejects the difference between “soft” and “hard” drugs and does not believe in the benefits of legalising or decriminalising adult-use cannabis.

27th September 2022 - Brazil, South America |

Brazil: The National Public Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has clarified that medical cannabis products cannot be sold through delivery services. Cannabis-derived products previously allowed by the agency must follow the rules for controlled drugs and can only be sold by pharmacies under prescription.

23rd September 2022 - Colombia, South America |
Colombia: Twenty-five members of the Chamber of Deputies have urged president Gustavo Petro in a letter to support the bill on recreational cannabis for adult use, press reports. They also asked the president to establish a legislative consultation table. Among the 25 signatories are representatives from the following parties: Pacto Histórico (Historic Pact), Partido Liberal (Liberal Party), Alianza Verde (Green Alliance), Partido Conservador (Conservative Party), Comunes (Commons), Cambio Radical (Radical change) and Nuevo Liberalismo (New Liberalism).
23rd September 2022 - Arkansas, North America, United States |
US - Arkansas: The Arkansas Supreme Court decided yesterday (22nd September) that the votes will be counted for the ballot measure that would legalise recreational cannabis, press reports. The state’s Supreme Court decided last month to allow the ballot measure onto the November ballot, but whether the votes were counted depended on yesterday’s decision.
23rd September 2022 - Paraguay, South America |
Paraguay: Members of the Senate Committee for the Prevention and Fight Against Drug Trafficking and Related Crimes held a meeting on 21st September with authorities from the National Programme for the Study and Scientific Research of the Medicinal Use of the Cannabis Plant and its Derivatives (PROINCUMEC), the institution in charge of investigating and making medical cannabis available in the country. During the meeting, current obstacles to the implementation of Law 6007/2017 on medicinal cannabis and its implementing decrees were discussed with the aim of improving the availability of medicinal cannabis in Paraguay.
23rd September 2022 - Canada, North America |
Canada: The federal government has launched a legislative review of the Cannabis Act to determine the impact of the legalisation of recreational use among youth and minorities, and to analyse its effects on the economy and the illegal market. An independent expert panel will be created to provide advice to the relevant ministers and help identify priority areas for improving functioning of the legislation. As an initial step of the review, an online questionnaire will be available until 21st November 2022.
22nd September 2022 - World |

World: Jagjit Pavadia, president of the independent, quasi-judicial International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), told a meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs yesterday that legalisation of recreational cannabis is a breach of international conventions, and a “threat to the consensus” on global drug control. In response, the representative from Canada, where recreational cannabis was legalised in 2018, defended the country’s policies and questioned the authority of the INCB to monitor treaty compliance by UN member states.

22nd September 2022 - Europe, Spain |

Spain: The General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists (CGCOF) wants greater assurances on the use of medical cannabis, press reports. CGCOF vice president Jordi de Dalmases Balañá told the National Congress of the Pharmaceutical Profession yesterday that “the use of active ingredients as medicines requires proven clinical evidence of quality, efficacy, and safety”. Carola Perez, president of the Spanish Observatory on Medical Cannabis, called for the legalisation and regulation of medical cannabis to be put in place more quickly.

22nd September 2022 - Minnesota, North America, United States |

US - Minnesota: Medical cannabis company Vireo Health has filed a lawsuit against the state alleging that House File (HF) 4065  which allows the sale of hemp-derived edibles unfairly discriminates against cannabis-derived edibles. According to the company, the hemp-derived edibles are chemically identical to their cannabis-derived medical edibles.

22nd September 2022 - North America, Oklahoma, United States |

US - Oklahoma: The Oklahoma Supreme Court decided yesterday that the ballot initiative to legalise recreational cannabis in the state could not appear on the 8th November ballot because it had been delayed beyond the deadline for printing the papers, media reports. Justices dismissed two separate legal challenges to the ballot title, clearing the initiative’s path for a vote during the state’s next general or special election. Supporters of the measure say it will appear on the November ballot in 2024 at the latest, or sooner if the governor calls a special election.

22nd September 2022 - Czech Republic, Europe |

Czech Republic: The Pirates party, liberal progressive members of the governing coalition, has presented a comprehensive analysis of the potential impacts of regulating the recreational cannabis market, including recommendations. According to Jana Michailida, head of the Pirates team on addictive behaviour, this is only an initial proposition for debate. The next step will be the detailed wording of the law. If it gets the backing of legislators, a regulated cannabis market could be launched in the Czech Republic in 2025.

21st September 2022 - New York, North America, United States |

US - New York: The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) has resolved to adopt revised regulations for the home cultivation of cannabis for medical use. Certified medical cannabis patients or designated caregivers will be able to harvest up to six plants, only three of which could be mature. The CCB has also approved amendments to the state's cannabinoid hemp program. Among other changes, the new rules create a licence for approved hemp farmers to sell flowers and raise the maximum cannabinoid allowance per individual serving to 100 mg. All the new rules will take effect on 5th October.

21st September 2022 - California, North America, United States |

US - California: Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law a number of new bills relating to cannabis. Assembly Bill 2188 prohibits employers, with a few exceptions, from discriminating against employees in hiring, termination, or any term or condition of employment for using cannabis while off the job. AB 1894 prohibits any indication on the packaging of cannabis vaporisers and cartridges that they are disposable and can be thrown away in trash or recycling streams, and requires specific labelling about their proper disposal.

21st September 2022 - California, North America, United States |

US - California: Assembly Bill 1885, newly signed into law, expands the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act to cover cannabis products intended for animals other than livestock or food animals and requires regulations for such products. Senate Bill 1186, also now law, prohibits localities from banning the retail sale by delivery of medical cannabis to qualified patients or their caregivers.

21st September 2022 - Europe |

EU: The European Commission has published a draft delegated regulation amending Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on hazard classes and criteria for the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP). The amendment aims to update the CLP Regulation with new hazard classes and their criteria to take technical and scientific progress into account. This may impose new obligations on producers of e-cigarettes containing cannabis or hemp-derived products, covering more chemicals that may be contained in a device or delivery mechanism. The draft regulation is open until 18th October for comment, which will be taken into account in finalising the revised regulation.

20th September 2022 - Austria, Europe |

Austria: Transport minister Leonore Gewessler, of the centre-left Green Party, is drawing up a bill to place a legal limit on THC for driving a vehicle, similar to the alcohol limit, press reports. She said: “According to the impairment principle, a distinction must be made between consumption that may have taken place days ago and present ability to drive. Clear criteria for this would also mean simplification of the testing procedure.” The ministry is currently looking at the procedures already being used in some other EU countries.

19th September 2022 - Europe, Portugal |
Portugal: At the Medical Cannabis Conference, the chairman of the Portuguese Society of Pharmacists and former member of the Ministry of Health, Hélder Mota Filipe, said that it is crucial to make a clear distinction between medical and recreational cannabis, press reports. For him, people's perception of recreational cannabis can contaminate the perception of medical use. Possession and consumption of recreational cannabis was decriminalised in 2000 for personal use.
19th September 2022 - Europe, Germany |
Germany: Two Social Democratic Party (SPD) parliamentary members, Carmen Wegge and Dirk Heidenblut, have presented some SPD internal key points about cannabis legalisation on Instagram. Among other topics, the two politicians have positioned themselves against any THC limit, but believe the THC content must be declared on the products. Additionally, they support the sale of recreational cannabis in social clubs and in pharmacies.
19th September 2022 - Europe, Germany |
Germany: Federal minister of finance, Christian Lindner, from the Free Democratic Party (FDP), said in a state election campaign that cannabis legalisation could be expected next year, press reports. Lindner later tweeted that he did not promise, but suggested that a bill will be presented in 2023.
19th September 2022 - Czech Republic, Europe |
Czech Republic: This week, the Pirates – a liberal progressive small political party in the government cabinet, whose member is Zdeněk Hřib, the current mayor of Prague – is to present to government partners a large comprehensive analysis of the impacts of regulating the recreational cannabis market, including recommended regulation proposals, media reports. Reportedly, the conclusions of the analysis show a lot of benefits that the future regulation of the cannabis market would bring the huge tax income to the budget being one of the most visible.
16th September 2022 - Belgium, Europe |
Belgium: The Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment updated its positive list of already notified herbal products for smoking, which includes hemp flowers and other CBD smokable products. Products not appearing on that list may not be placed on the Belgian market without going through the notification process.
16th September 2022 - North America, Oklahoma, United States |
US - Oklahoma: Three challenges were filed to a ballot initiative to legalise recreational cannabis during a mandatory ten-day window that opponents had to file such challenges, which ended on Thursday, press reports. Organisers of the initiative now have until Monday to file their rebuttal to the challenges, and the Oklahoma Supreme Court will ultimately decide whether the initiative reaches the 8th November ballot. Ballots sent to voters overseas are scheduled to be sent on 23rd September.
16th September 2022 - North America, United States |
US - federal: A bipartisan group of members of Congress wrote a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Rober Califf criticising the FDA's "completely insufficient response" after they requested technical assistance after filing the CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act, press reports. The lawmakers called the FDA response "simply a reformatting of a document provided to Congress over two years ago”. The letter further calls out the FDA for not using its authority to regulate hemp-derived products granted to it under the 2018 Farm Bill and "allowing a marketplace where dangerous products, like those containing delta-8 THC, are often indistinguishable from products that meet strict standards for quality, dosage, packaging, and sale established by state regulators who have stepped in to fill the regulatory void”.
15th September 2022 - Colombia, South America |

Colombia: The Chamber of Deputies First Constitutional Committee yesterday approved at first reading a bill to decriminalise the use and possession of cannabis. A formal invitation will be sent to president Gustavo Petro in the next few days to bring the government into the discussion.

15th September 2022 - Nevada, North America, United States |

US - Nevada: A judge has ruled that the Nevada Board of Pharmacy may no longer list cannabis as a Schedule I drug, press reports. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which brought the lawsuit, claimed the Schedule I listing, despite voters passing an initiative in 2016 to legalise cannabis, created a loophole that allowed law enforcement to arrest people unjustly for cannabis offences.

15th September 2022 - North America, United States |

US - federal: Representative Jared Huffman, a California Democrat, has introduced the Small and Homestead Independent Producers (SHIP) Act, which would allow small cannabis cultivators and manufacturers to operate and send their cannabis products across state lines directly to consumers. The bill is contingent, however, upon cannabis being removed from the federal Controlled Substances Act and federal criminal penalties for manufacturing and distributing cannabis being eliminated.

15th September 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: The House of Representatives voted 198-136 to withdraw the Hemp and Cannabis Bill from the legislative agenda and return it to the drafting committee over concerns about allowing recreational cannabis use, media reports. Resistance to the bill came mostly from the opposition Pheu Thai party and the Democrat party, members of the ruling coalition, for not having enough controls to prevent recreational use besides banning public consumption. The opposition also objected to allowing the home cultivation of up to 15 plants. The bill may now be reintroduced in November.

14th September 2022 - Europe, Germany |

Germany: Carmen Wegge, Social Democratic Party (SPD) spokesperson on cannabis legalisation, has told the newspaper Die Zeit that legalisation “will come” and “not fail due to EU law”. She said EU law was being taken into account in the process and that this was not news to Bundestag members.

14th September 2022 - Missouri, North America, United States |

US - Missouri: The Missouri Supreme Court declined to hear a lawsuit challenging a ballot initiative to legalise recreational cannabis, thereby clearing the final legal hurdles for the initiative to appear on the November ballot, press reports. Although the secretary of state had already validated the ballot initiative, a lawsuit challenged the validation process but was dismissed by lower courts.

14th September 2022 - Europe, Germany |

Germany: Federal drugs commissioner Burkhard Blienert has retweeted the results of an Ipsos poll that found 61% of Germans support the full legalisation of cannabis. While 65% of 18-39 year-olds are in favour of legalisation, the figure falls to 55% among those aged 60-75.

US - West Virginia: A proposal to cap THC in medical cannabis products at 10% has been rejected by the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board at least for the time being, press reports. The board said it needed more information before imposing any such cap. The board’s next meeting will be in January 2023.

13th September 2022 - Missouri, North America, United States |

US - Missouri: The Missouri Court of Appeals for the Western District has ruled that the signatures for a ballot initiative to legalise recreational cannabis were properly certified and that the initiative did not violate the state’s single-subject rule for ballot initiatives. The court therefore concluded that the initiative can appear on the ballot on 8th November.

13th September 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: The Cannabis and Hemp Bill was presented to Parliament yesterday with a decision expected by 19th September, press reports. The bill would allow the home cultivation of up to 15 plants and would allow hospitals to grow cannabis for medicines listed in the Herbal Product Act.

13th September 2022 - Europe, Scotland, United Kingdom |

UK - Scotland: The Scottish Medicines Consortium announced yesterday that Sativex was accepted for use within NHSScotland as treatment for relieving symptoms in adults with multiple sclerosis who have not responded adequately to other treatments.

13th September 2022 - Europe, Germany |

Germany: The Bundestag Research Service, which produces non-partisan advice to politicians, has published a report stating that the planned legalisation of cannabis could conflict with EU legislation. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health has told journalists that the issue of EU and international law will be addressed in a paper expected to be available in the autumn.

13th September 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |

New Zealand: Two CBD liquids for oral use, Helius CBD25 Full Spectrum and Helius CBD100 Full Spectrum, have been verified by the Medical Cannabis Agency as meeting the minimum quality standard required for them to be supplied in New Zealand.

12th September 2022 - Europe, Italy |
Italy: Following the appeal by industry association Federcanapa against the decree on officinal plants, the Lazio Regional Administrative Tribunal (TAR) scheduled a new hearing for 25th January 2023 and required the relevant ministries to present, within 30 days from the publication of the decision, the reports and scientific studies used to draft the decree. The text of the decree is vague and open to different interpretations, and authorities might interpret it in a way that would ban the sale of hemp flowers and/or extraction from hemp flowers and leaves.
Germany: As part of the recreational cannabis legalisation plan, the Bundestag announced a Health Committee delegation trip to Canada and the United States. Eight members from all parliamentary groups are travelling between 10th and 17th September. The aim of the trip is to understand issues related to legalisation and the experiences of those countries.
12th September 2022 - Paraguay, South America |
Paraguay: Last week the Ministry of Health issued Decree 7761/2022, wherein the maximum number of companies allowed to be granted a licence to produce medicinal cannabis has been uncapped. The former cap, set out by Decree 6519/2021, was established at 13 companies.
9th September 2022 - Europe, Switzerland |
Switzerland: Sales of recreational cannabis as part of the pilot project in Basel, which were supposed to start on 15th September, will be delayed because the products did not meet the quality standard stipulated in the Narcotics Act. The cannabis products are now being analysed by an independent body. No new start date has been given yet.
9th September 2022 - Europe |
EU: During a meeting of European anti-drug coordinators, organised under the Czech EU presidency, the Czech anti-drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil called for a coordinated effort to regulate the recreational cannabis market at the EU level, media reports. Vobořil said that “prohibition has not proved to be effective enough” and called for a controlled market as the only possible model.
9th September 2022 - North America, United States |
US - Federal: Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, sponsor of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, said that a draft of a “SAFE Banking Plus” bill “is nearing completion after bicameral and bipartisan talks”, press reports. The bill will reportedly encompass the same banking provisions as the SAFE Banking Act that would allow easier access to financial services to state-legal cannabis businesses, but would also include provisions allowing for expungements for past cannabis convictions and fund community grants and reinvestment programmes. The latter provisions are intended to appeal to Democrats seeking more significant cannabis reforms that include social justice measures.
9th September 2022 - Asia, Israel |
Israel: The Ministry of Health has opened a public consultation to change the current system on the prescription of medical cannabis, which requires a prescription and a special licence. The ministry seeks to ease the bureaucratic burden by dropping the licence requirement. The period for comments will be open until 13th September. Comments need to be sent to [email protected].
9th September 2022 - Czech Republic, Europe |
Czech Republic: National anti-drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil is going to submit a draft law on a controlled recreational cannabis market, specifying conditions for the sale, purchase and production of cannabis products, by the end of this year, media reports. Reportedly, Vobořil wants the new rules to come into effect as of January 2024 at the latest, and he says the law could gain support.