Regulatory report: CBD foods in Europe – Article 4 vs. Article 10



1 Introduction
2 What’s the industry’s position?
3 What does the Article 4 process entail?
4 Will I be allowed to place a product on the market throughout the EU if my foodstuff is approved under Article 4?
5 What are the steps towards a consultation of novel food status?
6 What are the (potential) advantages?


The process for placing food products with CBD on the market has been subject to much debate, especially so following the change in the EU’s Novel Food Catalogue where all cannabinoid-containing extracts are now seen as novel and therefore require a pre-market authorisation. This report provides invaluable information about Article 4 – which could potentially avoid the burdensome implications of submitting a novel food application under Article 10, instead allowing consultation with a member state over whether a food is considered novel.

No. of pages: 8

Photo: Kimzy Nanney