Reasons for optimism in a relatively new market: UK consumer survey



  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Consumer habits
  • Regularly used products
  • Reasons for use
  • Purchase channels
  • Product efficacy and consumer satisfaction
  • Last product purchased
  • Spending and consumption
  • Consumption and product attributes


This report is the third dealing with our consumer survey undertaken in December 2018, having previously looked at user demographics and consumer choices. Here, we focus on regular users of CBD – defined as those using CBD at least once a week.

We start off looking at CBD usage in terms of general consumption habits, popular products, brands and reasons for use, before investigating purchase channels, product efficacy and product satisfaction. Finally, we analyse daily CBD usage levels and spending across product types, concluding with projected future consumption habits and product attributes.


Number of pages: 28

Photo: Suvodeb Banerjee