Interest booming in online CBD sales: Germany market report



  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
    • – The interest of CBD in Germany by Google Trends
    • – Online retail channel for consumer non-medical CBD in Germany
  • Products and categories
    • – Numbers of CBD brands and products on studied websites
    • – Numbers of CBD products in categories
    • – Isolate or full-spectrum CBD by product category
  • Pricing and CBD contents
    • – Price of product per mg of CBD by product category
    • – Distribution of CBD content across price and bottle size
    • – Distribution of CBD content across price and size
    • – The average price per mg CBD per product category and size
  • Brands
    • – The average price of product per mg of CBD by brand
    • – The proportion of products carried by retailer categories



With this report you will be able to identify:

  • The interest of CBD in Germany.
  • What are the distribution channels.
  • What are the most common CBD products.
  • How products distribute according to price and CBD content.
  • Price trends and price variability.

Number of pages: 10

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