Flowers and concentrates most important: Italy top brands & pricing report



1 Executive summary
2 Introduction
3 Brands and categories
4 Product analysis
5 Pricing analysis
6 Key takeaways

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Using in-house data on the most prevalent brands in both the online and offline markets, we have identified the most prevalent CBD brands on offer across the Italian market – of which 26 unique brands were identified.

Considering these brands to be representative of the market, they form the sample used to analyse the offerings and pricing of CBD products throughout Italy. Where available from brand sources, product offerings were collected along with their RRPs. Where data was not available from brand sources, data from e-commerce websites was collected.

This report addresses the characteristics of the most-prevalent products, considering:

  • Brand nationality
  • Product mix
  • Type of CBD (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate).

It then moves on to a deep-dive analysis of product formats and pricing. Product price per mg of CBD is used to analyse prices as this allows a direct comparison of products by their CBD content.

Published: 18th December 2019; No. pages: 18

Photo: Gerhard Bögner