Premium reports CBD regulation in South Africa

CBD regulation in South Africa


CBD and hemp-based consumer products are allowed under certain conditions in South Africa, while THC can be present in traces in consumer products. We expect further regulation of cannabis, which will generate more opportunities in the sector and attract additional investments. The first step will be adoption of the current bill that distinguishes hemp from cannabis. As the exploitation of cannabis is supported and advocated for by the highest government officials, including the president himself, it is possible that more cannabis-friendly proposals are introduced in the next two years. This report provides an overview of the current regulatory framework in place for hemp and CBD, as well as details of the country’s medical and recreational cannabis regimes.


Date: 1st April 2021

No.pages: 12

Photo: David Mark



1 Executive summary
2 Outlook
3 Hemp plant
4 Extracts as finished products
5 Finished products containing CBD and extracts
6 Import and export requirements
7 Medical cannabis
8 Recreational cannabis
9 Relevant laws
10 Relevant bodies