Premium reports CBD regulation in China

CBD regulation in China


China has a long history of growing hemp for fibre, traditional therapeutic use and for using hemp seeds in food. In particular, cultivation to use hemp seed in traditional food – extracting oil and making herbal tea for example – is common in several provinces. Cannabis and cannabis extracts are controlled substances under national legislation in China, and two provinces – Yunnan and Heilongjiang – have established hemp and CBD regulation. This report provides a detailed look at the current regulatory framework in place for CBD and cannabis in mainland China, as well as Yunnan and Heilongjiang provinces, covering all areas from processing and cultivation, to extracts, finished products and import and export.


Date: 12th July 2021

No.pages: 25

Photo: Sam Beasley



1 Executive summary
2 Outlook
3 Hemp
4 Extracts as finished product
5 Finished products
6 Import and export requirements
7 Minor cannabinoids
8 Medical cannabis
9 Recreational cannabis
10 Relevant laws
11 Relevant bodies