Premium reports CBD in Canada: how the new federal law changes the game

CBD in Canada: how the new federal law changes the game


As of October 2018 the cannabis plant and all its by-products, including CBD, are legal in Canada, but their sale, access and possession come under a new strict regulatory framework. Until regulation ensues in 2019, however, many CBD-containing products will be illegal (e.g. skin creams and vaping products) as the law only allows for a limited number of products in a limited number of formats. While the new laws will initially apply to CBD products, a comprehensive regulatory regime for all cannabis-derived products is to be expected in the near future; this may reflect the difference in the nature of these products compared to high THC cannabis products.

Photo: Frank Winkler



  • Executive summary
  • Introduction: Canada
  • Current regulation of cannabis in Canada
  • The new legal framework
  • Cannabis Act and regulation
  • Industrial Hemp Regulations
  • CBD in the Cannabis Act
  • Types of CBD product and applicable laws
  • Federal licensing requirements
  • Cannabis regulation licence
  • Cultivation licence: Industrial Hemp Regulations
  • Age restrictions
  • Advertising, promotion and sponsorship
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Packaging restrictions
  • Label requirements
  • Product restrictions
  • Additional product-specific restrictions
  • Retail channel restrictions
  • Taxation
  • Relevant laws and guidance
  • Relevant federal body
  • Relevant industry associations