Premium reports A guide for the EU: Import, Export, hemp and CBD e-liquids

A guide for the EU: Import, Export, hemp and CBD e-liquids


This essential duo of reports provides a breakdown of EU regulations which influences legislations within its 28 member states. CBD for vaping is not as straightforward as one might imagine, despite there being vaping product regulations in Europe with the existence of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The convergence of vaping and CBD has caught some governments off guard, while others have chosen to remain more cautious. Regardless of whether or not the e-liquid contains nicotine, safety and consumer laws apply – and consequently, each EU member state has a different legal regime.

Likewise, individual countries may have restrictions on the import of hemp and CBD products, though EU internal market rules permit such “aquisitions”. The reports examine the different rules and regulations in place for import/export of hemp and CBD, and CBD e-liquids in the EU, for a complete understanding of the requirements needed to operate in this market.

Publication date: 20th-30th September 2019; Total number of pages: 21

Image: HQUALITY/Adobe Stock


  • Introduction
  • The legal classification of CBD in the European Union
  • THC trace levels
  • CBD in e-liquidsCBD e-liquids in different EU member states
  • Legal risks
  • Nicotine-containing liquids
  • Import/Export
    • Within the EU
    • To/from third countries
    • CBD isolates
    • Relevant laws
    • Relevant bodies