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Regulatory tracker: current global regulation of CBD April

22nd April 2021

CBD-Intel’s newly upgraded global regulatory tracker, updated every month, now offers a deeper analysis of each regulatory area.

Use the tabs at the top of the map to select a specific regulatory field and click on an individual country to bring up much more detail in the panel below, including links to legislation and CBD-Intel’s coverage of that market.

The key below the map indicates the level of regulation for the selected country and regulatory field based on our in-house analysis.

US regulatory tracker: Enacted regulation of CBD April

20th April 2021

Welcome to the CBD-Intel US enacted law regulatory tracker, updated each month. Within this interactive map gain insight into the enacted bills for 22 US states, with more state coverage coming very soon.

US regulatory tracker: Proposed state law April

20th April 2021

Welcome to the new and improved CBD-Intel US state law regulatory tracker, updated every month and exclusively focused on state law. This interactive map allows you to search for states, zoom in and out from the map, view more than one regulatory area at a time, pan the map and select multiple states to compare regulations.

Medical and recreational cannabis – a global overview

9th November 2020

CBD-Intel has compiled and classified regulatory data on medical and recreational cannabis in 50 jurisdictions around the world. This report is accompanied by a detailed database outlining the regulatory situation in selected countries

Global CBD stakeholders database

13th August 2019

Use our newly updated directory of stakeholders in the global CBD sector to find the most relevant organisations in key markets, with full Web, email, phone and address details. Available exclusively to CBD-Intel subscribers, this once-yearly updated database is a consoldated, user-friendly Excel file. Note that this file is password protected; please enter the password: […]