New Congress, new outlook for the legal status of cannabis

The US Congress is expected to address the legal situation of CBD and cannabis during the upcoming congressional session, according to a number of experts interviewed by CBD-Intel.

The Congress now ending, the 115th, introduced 78 marijuana-related measures, including 20 bills in the Senate. None of the 48 House bills received a hearing. There were also nine resolutions and one amendment, though not all the proposals were necessarily pro-cannabis.

Although it is thought cannabis will not be a major topic in the year ahead, the frigid regulatory environment is expected to thaw and some bills should start to get through to votes on the floor.

“Since the Democrats are now in control of the House, the obstruction that has happened in the last couple of years in not allowing cannabis legislation to come up for a vote, or even hearings, is pretty much gone now,” Morgan Fox, media relations director for the National Cannabis Industry Association, told CBD-Intel.


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