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You will find a survey of what’s new on the European CBD scene in the next issue of the CBD Health & Wellness Magazine



CBD-Intel’s independent analysis for the CBD sector has been reported in the press. Here is just a selection of our media coverage:


"Sources at CBD-Intel, a UK-based regulatory and market intelligence company for the CBD sector, commented, “As he prepares to depart, Gottlieb has hinted that his own preferred policy toward CBD would be a broadly tolerant one, encouraging study of higher concentrations for pharmaceutical applications and perhaps permitting lower ones for food and dietary supplements.”"

Marijuana Venture

"But countries typically follow EFSA’s lead when creating national legislation, and some have already started taking enforcement action on CBD products. And the UK's Food Standards Agency has told CBD-Intel that it fully intends to enforce the guidance--no matter whether the UK is in the EU."

Cannabis Business Times

"...we have found that a rapidly-developing industry has an urgent need for authoritative, unbiased, in-depth coverage of markets and regulation,” said managing director Tim Phillips."


"CBD is not specifically regulated at EU level, which means each country can impose its own laws, a new analysis of the European legal situation from CBD-Intel reveals."

The Emerald

"“Questo sondaggio è il primo di una serie di studi condotti da CBD-Intel sulle scelte e sui comportamenti dei consumatori di CBD – ha affermato Freddie Dawson, responsabile dei contenuti di CBD-Intel"

Canapa Oggi

"UK’s Food Standards Agency has told CBD-Intel that it fully intends to enforce the guidance–no matter whether the UK is in the EU."

Marijuana Retail Report

"The CBD industry will be represented by Tim Phillips, Director of the CBD-intel platform who has expert international knowledge of different global outlooks of the CBD industry. "

CBD Testers

"Foreign producers are aware of the situation in Spain and are now “steering clear” of the market, according to the web site CBD-Intel."