Japan: CBD and cannabis regulation, June 2022

It is currently illegal to produce, sell or possess medical and recreational cannabis in Japan. THC-free products with hemp extracts derived from mature stalks and seeds are legal, as is CBD as long as it is synthetic or extracted from stalks/seeds.

In the next few years, Japan could possibly open up to cannabis-derived medicines, cap THC content in hemp, and set universal parameters for licensing hemp cultivators. However, not all changes will be progressive, as the government is also considering criminalising the use of cannabis (as possession is already illegal) to tackle the increase in usage, especially among young people.

This report offers a detailed overview of Japan’s regulatory regime for cannabis, CBD and hemp, covering all policy areas and discussing future changes to the law.

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Table of contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Hemp plant
  3. Extracts
  4. Finished products
  5. Import and export requirements
  6. Recreational cannabis
  7. Medical cannabis
  8. Relevant laws
  9. Relevant bodies

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