Italian bid to legalise homegrown cannabis ‘won’t affect CBD’

A proposal before the Italian government to legalise personal cultivation and possession of cannabis would also allow cannabis flowers with THC concentrations of up to 1% in foods and as a herbal product.

The proposal to liberalise Italy’s cannabis laws would change the current law 242/2016 governing the legality of “light” cannabis, otherwise known as industrial hemp, such as the plants grown and used for CBD. Under the law as it stands, retailers are allowed to sell flowers with a level of THC below 0.2% but only for “collector’s purposes”, ornamentation or other limited uses such as cleaning soil – but not for smoking.

Overall the legal change would largely only affect higher-THC products. Senator Matteo Mantero, the man behind the proposal, told CBD-Intel that the CBD market would largely be unaffected by the proposal. “It doesn’t take in consideration this market as the selling of CBD products are not considered a problem,” he said.


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