CBD in Switzerland

The Swiss market is different to many other markets, not simply due to its higher 1% THC limit in comparison to others but also due to flexible regulations around cultivation. This page contains all of our content that relates to Switzerland, including all of our detailed regulatory and market reports, our business and regulatory briefings, and all of our up-to-date trackers, databases and live alerts.

A more open and relaxed market in Switzerland

CBD is not a scheduled substance in Switzerland; its legality in the finished product depends on the intended use. Some peculiarities of the Swiss market make it noticeably different from other markets. The market can be considered more open in terms of availability of CBD products as regulations are very flexible and cultivation of hemp is not only permitted but products can also contain up to 1% of THC. Flowers are also widely available while other product categories that are popular in other markets are not as popular. This difference is probably related to the ease of production of the flowers and more traditional consumer preferences in the country.

Switzerland also plans to launch trials in 2021 as part of a move toward legalising cannabis with high THC. Municipalities will be able to submit relevant projects to the government for approval, with trials expected to start sometime in mid-2021.