CBD in the Netherlands

The tolerance policy in the Netherlands makes it a very interesting market for CBD and related products. This page includes all of our detailed full-length Netherlands market and regulatory reports, as well as both business and regulatory briefings covering current updates from the country.

Dutch market appears to be more tolerant than other large CBD markets

CBD is not a listed substance according to the Opium Act. As CBD is not a scheduled substance, synthetically produced CBD is allowed in the market. According to the Health and Youth Inspectorate, sale of CBD flowers outside of coffee shops is not allowed and will not be allowed under the planned legislative changes. However, as confirmed to CBD-Intel by the CAN, its view of the practical reality is that, providing the hemp flowers comply with the maximum tolerated THC content, their sale will not be prosecuted.

The government is currently in the process of beginning an experimental project of a state-controlled cultivation and sale of cannabis for recreational use via a closed chain of coffee shops (Controlled Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment Act), to take place between 2021 and 2025. In general, the market in the Netherlands is evolving positively, and although the market is heavily dominated by Dutch brands, many different nationalities can be found in the top brands.