CBD in Italy

Being one of the larger markets for CBD in Europe, Italy remains a highly important country with a fast-moving market and constantly changing regulatory landscape. This page includes all of our detailed market and regulatory reports on Italy, as well as both business and regulatory briefings covering current updates from the country.

Confusion reigns in Italy’s CBD market

Italian law on cannabis-derived products has been in a state of flux — some aspects are still not fully clear, and further change is possible.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the sale of cannabis flowers, leaves and oils to consumers regardless of THC concentration is not included within the industrial hemp uses drawn up under Law 242 and therefore may not be sold. Even though members of the governing parties are among those trying to bring clarity to regulation of the CBD market in Italy, the government seems unwilling to come to an unequivocal decision. Backers of the latest attempted amendment say the government is stuck in the bias against drugs, associating CBD-based products with narcotics.

In turn, as the Italian government is not taking any political action to regulate the CBD market by clarifying confusing rules or creating a common strategy to develop a CBD market, regions have started to adopt measures of their own to promote the hemp supply chain.

Despite the regulatory confusing, the CBD market in Italy is blossoming, with over 300 online retailers identified – around one third of which are owned by CBD brands. Oils seem to be the dominant product category but a recent survey revealed that the consumption of hemp flower increased during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, despite its sale being illegal in the country.