CBD in France

As well as being one of the larger CBD markets in Europe, France is also one of the strictest in terms of regulatory environments. This page includes all of our detailed full-length French market and regulatory reports, as well as both business and regulatory briefings covering current updates from the country.

Strict enforcement hampers the hemp sector’s development in France

France has one of Europe’s strictest regulatory environments for cannabis-related crimes, which are heavily punishable. CBD-infused products are allowed as long as they are derived from legal hemp, have zero THC, don’t make unfounded health claims and don’t promote cannabis use. France has not taken a clear view on the EU novel food and cosmetics regulations; enforcement is so far focused on excessive THC content and unfounded health claims.

The decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the Kanavape cape has been broadly welcomed in France – though not by official regulatory bodies. Significant work will have to be done in order to fulfil that potential as France lags behind many other countries in terms of developing a hemp and cannabinoid industry. That said, work is underway, and a number of parliamentary reports looking at the impact of different uses of cannabis are being examined, including CBD, medical and recreational cannabis.