CBD in Canada

Canada is the centre for the world’s largest cannabis companies with a wide-ranging regulatory environment. This page includes all of our detailed full-length Canadian market and regulatory reports, as well as both business and regulatory briefings covering current updates from the country.

CBD is regulated like THC in Canada, meaning it is placed under a stricter regime than in other countries

The Canadian market is unique in that all CBD products are regulated the same way as THC products, restricting their sale to licensed sellers only. Therefore, unlike other major CBD markets, in Canada CBD products are mainly found to be sold online by dispensaries and CBD-specialists who focus solely on CBD products.

Both medicinal and recreational cannabis have been legalised in Canada for several years, with Canadians being able to access a number of THC and CBD products well before the trend of CBD-only products was observed across the border in the US. For this reason, the CBD market appears relatively underdeveloped when compared with the US and other western markets such as the UK and Germany.

This is due in part to the licensing requirements and also, we believe, due to the pre-existing availability of THC containing products which have reduced the demand for CBD-only products. Consultations into changing the current regulation of CBD are under way.