Market trackers / United Kingdom

CBD-Intel market size database February 2021

3rd March 2021 | Market trackers |

CBD-Intel’s quarterly market size database is your one-stop source for essential information on the CBD market. Data includes market size estimates for various product categories across two separate market development scenarios

UK price & product benchmarking dashboard Q4 2020

15th February 2021 | Market trackers |

This interactive dashboard provides essential pricing data for product categories offered by the top UK CBD brands.

With this tool you will be able to:

Understand the current price positions for eight CBD categories.
Analyse price reduction activity within each category.
Analyse price positioning of new product entrants.
Strategically set pricing against the market and competitors.
Tailor product development.

UK top brands pricing dashboard Q4 2020

15th February 2021 | Market trackers |

Welcome to the CBD-Intel top brands pricing dashboard, for insights into the UK’s most pertinent CBD brands. Find all product offerings for each brand, categorised by type of product, size, format, CBD content and their respective prices.

The interactive dashboard allows you to slice data using the filters on the left, enabling you to investigate market strategies and trends. Furthermore, you may read the analytical UK pricing report to gain a complete understanding of the market.

UK online retailer dashboard

11th September 2019 | Market trackers |

This easy-to-use database of UK online CBD retailers shows how many of them there are, split by retailer category type, plus the brands and product types that each website stocks