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ocIf you run an event of interest to the CBD sector, we’d like to hear about it. Just email us with the details; this is a free editorial service. (But please note that we don’t list all consumer-oriented events. Please also note that we don’t run any of these events ourselves; enquiries concerning attending, exhibiting and so on should be directed to the event organisers.)




April 2018


Konopex: Ostrava, 20th-22nd April

CANNABIS INVEST UK: London, 26th April


May 2018


Cannabis Private Investment Summit Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, 1st May

Hempfest: Milan, 3rd-5th May

Expo Cáñamo: Sevilla, 11th-13th May

Cannagrow Expo: Palm Springs, 19th-20th May

Cannabis Europa: London, 21st-22nd May



June 2018


BALKANNABIS Expo: Athens, 1st-3rd

International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association: Cologne, 12th-13th June

CannaCon Detroit: Detroit, 21st-22nd June

Medical Cannabis: Vienna, 25th-26th



July 2018


NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo: San Jose, 25th-27th, July

CannaCon Boston: Boston, 27th-28th July



August 2018


Indo Expo Portland: Portland, 4th-5th August

MJBizCon International: Toronto, 14th-16th August

Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference: Toronto, 16th-17th August

U.S Cannabis Conference & Expo: Miami, 24th-26th August

Cannabis Business Europe: Frankfurt, 27th-28th August

Big Industry Show: Los Angeles, 30th-31th August



September 2018


Cannabis Private Investment Summit New York: New York, 13th September

CWCBExpo LA: Los Angeles, 26th-29th September

ICBC PORTLAND: Portland, 27th-28th September

CanEx Jamaica: Montego Bay, 27th-29th September

The Southern Hemp Expo: Nashville, 28th-29th September

Cannabis Hemp Conference: Vancouver, 28th-30th September


October 2018


Cannabis Invest London: London, 2nd October

Cannabis Invest Geneva: Geneva, 3rd October

U.S Cannabis Conference & Expo: Phoenix, 4th-6th October

New West Summit: Oakland, 11th-13th October

Cultiva Cannabis Congress: Vienna, 12th-14th October

Cultiva Expo: Vienna, 12th-14th October

8th International Hemp Building Symposium: Brussels, 16th-17th October

CWCBExpo BO: Boston, 17th-20th October

CTA Annual Conference & Trade Show: Solihull (UK), 19th October

Hemp 2020: Lelow, 19th-20th October

NCIA California Cannabis Business Conference: Anaheim, 22nd-23rd October

CannMed: Los Angeles, 22nd-24rd October

Cannabis Private Investment Summit Toronto: Toronto, 23rd October

Montreal Cannabis Expo: Quebec, 26th-27th October

Canapa in Mostra: Naples, 26th-28th October

Marijuana Management Symposium 2018: Denver, 31st-2nd October



November 2018


EUROAMCBC: Prague, 1st-2nd November

Cannafest: Prague, 2nd-4th November

2018 HIA 25th Annual Conference (HIACON): Los Angeles, 2nd-5th November Las Vegas, 9th-10th November

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MJBizCon: Las Vegas, 14th-16th November

Cannabizz: Warsaw, 30th-2nd November



December 2018


Hawaii Hemp Conference: Hawaii, 1st December

CBD Expo East: Orlando, 7th-8th December

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O’Cannabiz: Vancouver, 9th-11th December

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Ark-La-Tex Cannabis Business Expo: Little Rock, 12th-13th December


January 2019


Athens Cannabis Expo: Athens, 11th-13th January

Indo Expo Denver: Denver, 26th-27th January

CannaCon Seattle: Seattle, 31st-2nd January

Future Cannabis Strategies Europe 2019: London, 29th-30th January

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February 2019


Asian Hemp Summit: Kathmandu, 1st-2nd February

ICBC SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco, 7th-8th February

Cannabis Europa: Paris, 8th February

NCIA Seed to Sale Show: Boston, 12th-13th February

Canapa Mundi: Rome, 15th-17th February

Cannabis Private Investment Summit Florida: Florida, 26th February



March 2019


Hemp & CBD Expo: Birmingham, 2nd-3rd March

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Spannabis: Barcelona, 15th-17th March

VII International Cannabis Forum: Barcelona, 15th-17th March

Noco Hemp Expo: Denver, 29th-20th March

ICBC BERLIN: Berlin, 31st-2nd March


April 2019


Cannabis Conference: Las Vegas, 1st-3rd April

CannaTech Cannabis Innovation Summit: Tel Aviv, 1st-3rd April

Indo Expo San Francisco: San Francisco, 27th-28th April

Indicasativa: Bologna, 12th-14th April