Delta-8 THC regulation in the US

What is delta-8 THC and how does US law deal with it, at both federal and state level? In this presentation, first given earlier this month at the White Label World Expo CBD & Hemp, CBD-Intel legal analyst Anthony Traurig shares his insights

Tackling what is a controversial topic in the CBD sector, his presentation covers what exactly delta-8 THC is, and what law covers it across the US, both at federal level and state-by-state. Anthony also presents an analysis of trends around this issue and considers what the future may hold for this increasingly popular cannabinoid.



If you would like more information about all our coverage of delta-8 THC please visit this link. For extended information on US state-by-state regulation we invite you to invest in our full report: Regulatory report: US state-by-state regulation of CBD vaping products. 

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