Listen to market analysts sharing their expertise on critical issues impacting the industry with our podcasts. What is the current novel food status of CBD in Europe? And what are the commonalities and differences in CBD markets around the world? Our experts take a deeper dive into these and many other key issues here.

Podcast: Hemp growing challenges in the UK

Written by CBD-Intel || 29th June 2021 || Podcasts |

CBD-Intel podcast editor Jon Bruford discusses the situation of medical cannabis and the challenges of hemp-growing in the UK with Dr Callie Seaman, research director at Aqualabs Ltd ...

Podcast: international opportunities for CBD

Written by CBD-Intel || 13th May 2020 || Podcasts , Resources |

Our managing director, Tim Phillips, discussed international CBD opportunities during the USA CBD Expo in Las Vegas in February. He examined cannabidiol developments and highlighted the number of companies and brands present in the market nowadays, along with...

Podcast: CBD industry analysis during the COVID-19

Written by CBD-Intel || 24th April 2020 || Podcasts , Resources |

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, regardless of location, there is an overwhelming sense of uncertainty in the CBD industry. In this special episode, Tim Phillips – the founder and managing director of CBD-Intel — provides some analysis relating...

Welcome to CBD-Intel’s podcast series

Written by JuditBach || 25th November 2019 || Podcasts , Resources |

CBD-Intel’s regular podcasts provide expert insight into global regulation, market trends and the latest developments. Join us to find out more about this fast-moving industry with the CBD-Intel team. Thanks for...

Podcast: Understanding the US vaping crisis

Written by JuditBach || 30th October 2019 || Podcasts , Resources |

CBD-Intel would like to thank Anuj Desai of The Cannabis Conversation for inviting our managing director, Tim Phillips, to take part in this podcast, which explores the legal cannabis industry through a European perspective. In this conversation, Tim...

Podcast: CBD in Europe and differences from the US

Written by JuditBach || 14th October 2019 || Podcasts , Resources |

The All New Cannabis Show is an elevated conversation that provides listeners with the latest information and advice about CBD health and wellness products, as well as the business of cannabis and hemp derivatives. In this episode, CBD-Intel has...