Market reports

Our full-length in-depth reports offer detailed data and analysis for individual markets around the world, focusing mainly on Europe and the US. In addition to a comprehensive overview of the current CBD market in each country, providing data on products, brands and distribution channels, we also provide specific brand and pricing reports that offer a more detailed analysis of these aspects of the market.

Who is using CBD in Europe and why?

Written by CBD-Intel || 9th July 2019 || Market reports |

Understand the demographics of CBD consumers in three key European markets with this presentation originally given by Tim Phillips at the European Industrial Hemp Association conference in June ...

Online market fragmented: Switzerland market report

Written by Migle Malinovskyte || 17th May 2019 || Market reports |

Switzerland is a growing CBD market with nearly 700 local hemp growers.In Switzerland, THC content in cannabis-derived products may be of up to 1%, significantly higher than most adjacent EU countries. Also, different CBD-containing products are regulated by...

Brands and products limited online: Portugal market report

Written by Nicolas Dejtiar || 19th April 2019 || Market reports |

Looking at the online market in Portugal, we find that CBD online retail seems limited. Most of the sellers are head/growshops with previous connections to cannabis products, and most brands are international with ties to (non-CBD) cannabis products...

CBD e-liquids: UK market report

Written by Stavroula Anastasopoulou || 1st August 2018 || Market reports |

CBD-containing e-liquid products can be found in the UK online, in a few vape store chains and in some independent vape stores ...

CBD in Europe: an overview of an emerging vaping market

Written by Nicolas Dejtiar || 24th April 2018 || Market reports |

Vaping is reported to be one of the best ways to absorb CBD, a cannabinoid present in cannabis which has relaxing and pain-relieving effects but produces no psychoactive “high”. E-liquid containing CBD is already on the market ...

CBD in France: green shoots of a new market appearing

Written by Migle Malinovskyte || 5th April 2018 || Market reports |

Despite some degree of legal uncertainty, a variety of CBD vaping products appeared on the French market in 2017. This report considers what they are, where they can be found, and what factors affect their pricing and availability...