Business briefing

This section includes all business and company-related news on the CBD industry. Updates include all news relating to companies in terms of revenue changes, partnerships and mergers, and lawsuits and closure, as well as various medical innovations, technological improvements and general product development. We offer full-length news briefings as well as weekly news-in-brief updates.

US federal government soliciting information for CBD research

Written by Daniel Mollenkamp || 22nd November 2018 || Business briefing |

Securing cannabis supplies for research purposes is the focus of an information request from the US federal government. They are asking businesses about the ability to analyse, produce, and even distribute cannabis products for research. The National Institute...

Imperial Brands looks to CBD for growth, says CEO

Written by David Palacios || 28th September 2018 || Business briefing |

Tobacco giant Imperial Brands is looking to new markets such as cannabis and CBD in the near future. “At the moment we are looking to understand this space”, said Alison Cooper, CEO of Imperial Brands, about the cannabis market in...