Is delta-8 THC a legal product in the US?

Written by CBD-Intel || 20th May 2021 || Blog |

CBD-Intel’s opinion from a reading of laws at the federal level is that – currently – delta-8 THC should be considered legal if derived from a legal hemp plant. This is because the federal definition of hemp encompasses...

What is the state of science behind minor cannabinoids really like?

Written by CBD-Intel || 29th April 2021 || Blog |

Minor cannabinoids are gaining increasing interest – pushed by both slowly growing consumer awareness and companies looking to develop further revenue streams from under-utilised products. A number of claims have been made about the properties of various minor...

Is delta-8 THC really the next big thing?

Written by CBD-Intel || 14th April 2021 || Blog |

From a consumer/market perspective, it certainly looks like delta-8 THC is the most promising minor cannabinoid. It has quickly overtaken others such as CBG and CBN in terms of general awareness and – anecdotally – in terms of interest from companies...