Charlotte’s Web can spread through drugstores, with help of Farm Bill

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, which claims to be the market leader in “innovative hemp-based, CBD wellness products”, says it expects to add national drugstores to its thousands of locations in the US soon. And it is looking forward to the expected passing of the 2018 Farm Bill to encourage that growth.

The company announced in October that it had reached 3000 retail locations across the US, up from roughly 2000 at the end of 2017.

Director Bo Becker told CBD-Intel the company had deliberately sought what he called multi-door retail locations – essentially stores with more than one location – for ease of logistics and distribution.

“I would say what we’re looking for is multi-door,” he said. “Just from a strategic perspective, it allows us to service the customer in a better manner if we have multi-door accounts. So we initially in independents, but as we’ve grown we’ve made strategic choices to really focus in on the multi-door accounts.”


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