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Philippines moves one step closer to legalising medical cannabis

Written by ECigIntelligence || 29th March 2019 || Regulatory briefing |

Policy and Politics
Regulation and Legislation
Regulatory briefing
The Philippines moved one step closer to legalising cannabis for medical use when a bill was approved on its final reading, but its progress to law could be scuppered by opposition from president Rodrigo...

Argentina – land of opportunity beset by confusion and doubt

Written by ECigIntelligence || 29th January 2019 || Business briefing |

South America
Policy and Politics
Regulation and Legislation
Business briefing
A growing domestic CBD consumer base and excellent potential for cannabis farming make Argentina an intriguing market despite regulatory ambiguity and differences in opinion between national and provincial authorities ...

Zero tolerance on THC content: UK regulatory snapshot

Written by ECigIntelligence || 8th November 2018 || Regulatory reports |

United Kingdom
Policy and Politics
Regulation and Legislation
Regulatory reports
In our overview of the regulatory landscape in the United Kingdom we find that while the UK is one of Europe’s largest CBD markets, growing and extracting CBD is restricted and there is a zero-tolerance policy for THC...

The not-so-noxious weed: how e-cig companies could lead in cannabis

Written by ECigIntelligence || 14th October 2015 || Business briefing |

New York
North America
United States
Market Research
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39 U.S. states and the District of Columbia have laws that legalise and/or decriminalise marijuana use or possession to various extents. E-cig companies are well positioned to enter the emerging marijuana market because of their technical expertise and...