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CBD-Intel global alerts database May

Written by CBD-Intel || 7th May 2021 || Alerts roundup |

All the stories from the CBD-Intel weekly global regulatory Live Alerts in one user-friendly database, updated every month.This regulatory tool consolidates all of our global regulatory Live Alerts since they were launched in May 2019, collected in Excel...

What is the state of science behind minor cannabinoids really like?

Written by CBD-Intel || 29th April 2021 || Blog |

Minor cannabinoids are gaining increasing interest – pushed by both slowly growing consumer awareness and companies looking to develop further revenue streams from under-utilised products. A number of claims have been made about the properties of various minor...

Is delta-8 THC really the next big thing?

Written by CBD-Intel || 14th April 2021 || Blog |

From a consumer/market perspective, it certainly looks like delta-8 THC is the most promising minor cannabinoid. It has quickly overtaken others such as CBG and CBN in terms of general awareness and – anecdotally – in terms of interest from companies...