Author: Anthony Traurig

US regulatory tracker: Proposed state law August

Written by Anthony Traurig || 25th August 2021 || Regulatory trackers |

Welcome to the new and improved CBD-Intel US state law regulatory tracker, updated every month and exclusively focused on state law. This interactive map allows you to search for states, zoom in and out from the map, view...

Regulatory report: delta-8 THC in the US 

Written by Anthony Traurig || 19th May 2021 || Regulatory reports |

Delta-8 THC has emerged as the hottest new cannabinoid in the US market. This report examines federal law on delta-8, notes trends that are happening at state level, and discusses what the future may hold ...

Regulatory report: Canada

Written by Anthony Traurig || 8th February 2021 || Regulatory reports |

Canada permits the cultivation, production, distribution, and sale of hemp, cannabis, and products derived from them, but only by those licensed to do so by the government. This report offers a detailed overview of the rules ...